Residential Pool Maintenance Program Service Starts at $89.99. Weekly or Bi-Weekly.

After The Storm

DO NOT EMPTY THE POOL! High ground water can cause structural damage to an empty pool. There is a very good chance that your pool will lift right out of the ground if you drain it after heavy rains or floods or when the water table is high.

Super chlorinate the pool water. When the chlorine residual returns to normal, have the water tested for proper balance. Heavy rain upsets mineral balance needed for protection of your equipment and pool finish.

Remove all debris from pool with a leaf rake and a skimmer before restarting the system to prevent clogged lines. Some chemical feeders require special care before starting the pump motor. Check with your pool company.

Remove any wrapping around the pump motor. If the motor has been submerged, it should be removed for professional cleaning and drying. If the pump has remained dry, turn on the electricity.

Check to take sure the pool is operating normally and that the water is circulating in the pool. Reset time clocks to show the correct time of day. Run the filter until the water is crystal clear and resume normal pool operation.

Acid Wash

The main purpose of an acid wash is to remove stains, scale, and calcium from the floor and corners of your pool bed. If you are not able to see the walls and floor of your pool, then it may be time for an acid wash. Because the process of a swimming pool acid wash wears down a small amount of the finish we recommend that you only get it done every few years or so.

You may also decide on an acid wash not because of swamp conditions, but just to bring out a brighter, whiter finish. An acid wash is always a dramatic aesthetic improvement.

When we acid wash your pool we will start by draining the pool completely. This will give us a clear view of our work field. Remember, the process is time consuming but we are here to make it simple. Del Val Pool Service is skilled and knowledgeable and has many years experience in performing a swimming pool acid wash.